Aura Wings as Overrides

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Alioth said:
bump & still support
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05-Oct-2018 06:53:51

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I'm genuinely curious to see whether or not a JMod has had the chance to read this post yet, or if it keeps getting bumped with no attention whatsoever. If a JMod has read it, it would be nice to see a response indicating if this idea is feasible, out of scope, not worth the effort, or some technical bugs that would hinder this from being developed. I am not educated on the amount of effort a project like this might take, but it is clear from the responses I've read that demand for this cosmetic is not isolated. Many folks find the prayer aura wings are aesthetically pleasing for fashion-scape, and would like to see these added to the game as cosmetic overrides to be unlocked conditionally upon purchasing the respective aura tiers.

23-Nov-2018 20:42:00

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