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How about changing the formula? like maybe a coat that takes the cape slot or something kinda like a trench coat that could sway in the wind i dont know, would just be nice to see really cool looking outfits for once like id personally love a long black trench coat thats open not closed that sways in the wind.... say armour under it could still be visable but the arms ofc would be covered or something?

14-Oct-2016 05:02:34

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I'd love to see them mix it up with what goes in what slot.
You can definitely bend the lines between capes, wings, and body slot stuff.
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14-Oct-2016 17:08:20

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I think you got what you were wishing for with the Privateer outfit released today. It has coat tails that stick out like the Shadow Dragoon outfit and Pernix armour (before they both got nerfed after people complained about clipping with their capes). I really hope Jagex doesn't ruin the Privateer outfit too.

In general, I feel that outfits in RuneScape are severely limited by the need to have separate pieces that each go into their designated slot. Meaning we can't have a whole one-piece ensemble that doesn't neatly fall into five-slot categories. And due to clipping issues, Jagex doesn't have the freedom to make creative use of slots, else the compers/120-capers will start kicking up a fuss.

17-Oct-2016 10:54:13

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