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I've raised this issue many times, and I have "filed bug reports" but nothing seems to get done.
The Skyshadow outfits bottoms suffers from serious geometry distortions that make it unbearable to wear on female characters.
The loincloth stretches all over the place and the hips are completely out of joint.
I know for an absolute FACT that this is something that can be fixed, so FIX IT please!

Left: Skyshadow outfit with distorted bottom.
Right: Grass skirt, works perfectly, no issues whatsoever.

I paid for this and am entitled to a working product, which this clearly is NOT.

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support I too own this outfit and only wear pieces of it because of the bottoms look on females.

Would be nice since I paid for it to be able to wear it and it look decent
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01-Sep-2016 21:15:21

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I've seen a thread or two on this die out. Sad to see it's still not fixed. You'll probably have to post this on reddit for any visibility though. Serenity Isle, a fun and relaxed clan. click this to see

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10-Sep-2016 11:59:35

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