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Gear Fear
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Gear Fear

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Well this is it still haven't been given my rune coins thanks for scamming me outta my time.. you have lost a customer as well! THIS IS B.S time to play a different game. thanks for nothing!!!!!!!

19-Nov-2017 17:57:16

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Check to see if any issues on the SGS Support page are helpful.

If not, use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page to contact Jagex directly so that they can help sort out the issue.
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20-Nov-2017 01:39:54

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also how did you try to get the Runecoins?
Was it just a payment or one of those adv things?

Try to explain the situation and ask for help.
This would help Jagex and other people to help you with the problem.

20-Nov-2017 18:00:51

Serene Steel
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Serene Steel

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TL;DR You're not going to get your Runecoins because that's how those sites operate.

They take the info you entered already, say you don't qualify, and use the info you gave them regardless.
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21-Nov-2017 02:33:20

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I have earned over 800 rc this month alone just doing surveys for Peanut Labs. I cannot get the other to pay out. That saying, I have saw other people say opposite that peanut labs does not pay out but the other does.

One of the main things i have found after doing these is that you are asked to fill out a profile the very first time you start doing surveys. If you put in correct information and then use the same information when you start doing the surveys you will end up being able to complete more of them.

There are a few other tips i would like to share, if you are short a few runecoins to purchase something you can go to peanut labs and choose least rewards and there are little sites you can go to for like 2 rc.. usually reading about ailments of some kind. This saves you from having to buy a bond for 195 rc if you only need 1 or 2.

If you do use the surveys, if i see that it is life script, those seem hopeless to me as i dont think i have ever gotten one RC from those surveys.

Lastly, If you do want to do some of the surveys that ask for an email, set up an email just for that purpose to stop unwanted spam and junk mail. The only reason you need a working email is sometimes on other offers you are asked to verify by clicking link in your email, so this works well. I know signing up on the pampers website for newsletters for 25 rc is one that did that.

Good Luck.
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21-Nov-2017 09:45:13

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If you do surveys and stuff with ad blockers enabled, it will prevent you from getting paid. Be careful with that. I always disable mine until I receive payment. If you see me out of the tower, don't ask me to send you to the rune essence. I'm on my break.
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24-Nov-2017 20:37:08

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