poison purge aura re-work

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Not sure if this has been mentioned before (probably has) but I thought that using this aura sounds amazing to use whilst fighting the new GWD 2 boss Gregorovic. Don't get me wrong it worked very well ...... for 2 kills before the aura ran dry, that's when I realised each hit/heal drains the aura by 1 minute.

What I would like to see re-worked with this aura is a 12hr cooldown and the effects actually last 1 whole hour before depleting, this would be totally worth the 100k loyalty point used to buy it.

Any support would be much appreciated thanks.

01-Apr-2016 15:17:32

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Only support if there is a toggle between normal duration/cooldown and your suggested Max Poison protect version as only Greg and Araxxi mess with the anti-poison time and other people may still want to use the top end version as more steady poison protection vs other critters venomous attacks.

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