2nd week of Jan Sales?

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Hasn't updated yet, are we getting a 2nd week for Jan Sale deals or is it the same 14 till Jan 8th?
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02-Jan-2018 14:23:30

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The sales news post:

Original message details are unavailable.
Head over to Solomon's Store now to pick up some sweet deals - every week a new set of deals will hit the store, and everything on deal is at half price! Up until 23:59 on the 7th January, grab the following items at 50% off:

Death by Earth
Crowd Serf Resting
Crystal Singer Gathering
Human Cannonball Teleport
Angry Walk
Rock Smash
Challenge Gem
Dark Lord Pack
Vorago Shard
Prismatic Dye - 4 Pack
Ethereal Wings
Spiteful Spark
TokHaar Warlord

So yes current sales are staying 5-6 more days
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