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Hi all!

I know that Jagex has brought out the Shadow outfits and even rereleased
the shadow drake and shadow Gorilla and even Skypouncer has made a
short return.

I was talking to a couple friends and they along with myself would love to
see some of the other things come back that were discontinued. Maybe
for short sales.

Here is a short list that we came up with.

The eastern and western crew outfits
monach outfit
dragonwolf outfit
TokHaar Vetren
TokHaar Brute
Kalphite Emasary
Panda outfit

I do admit that Jagex needs new stuff in the Store. But one way to make
money quickly would be to rerelease the older stuff too. Although I dont
need all those I listed this was a list that a few pple came up with cause
they either were not here or they didnt buy when they were out.

So Until Jagex comes up with new things, rereleasing some older stuff
wouldnt be a bad idea.
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