Christmas is comming!

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for solomons.. maybe a nice little christmas outfit.

Top- something white with Elves playing around christmas tree.

Bottom-green to match said christmas tree

Hat- Elf hat. very green something like santa hat but obviously need
a diff design.

Pet- Elf to follow behind you.

teleport- you jump into a sled and fly off

emote- you turn into a christmas evergreen for a few seconds.

I would like to see this sold as a pack ..........or.....

This could be implemeted like the spider themed outfit but with a few differences.

I think the cost of 2400 rc would be too much for this "free" stuff OR if they are seriously stuck on 2400 rc.... they could let us get 2400 rc any way during the month of dec to get these items.

I dont mind having rc saved up to used for special sales.
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07-Nov-2016 13:33:43

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