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This is what I am walking around in.

Shining Alchemist's Amulet
Archon Crest
Archon Tassets
Archon Gloves
Cabbagemancer Boots
Coral daggers
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Here's my new outfit for my two week old Herblore cape (also found a new pet along the way =D):

Chromatic phat, Gem necklace, Skirmisher cuirass, Skirmisher tassets, Flameheart gloves, Ragefire boots.

17-Dec-2016 21:05:37

Argent Bapt

Argent Bapt

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Got a new axe.

Drakewing Head, Drakewing Legs, Executioner robe, Executioner gloves, executioner boots, Veteran Behemoth cape, Executioner's Axe, Barbarian Walk.
Name's Argent, I'm a Drakewing. Adventurer and Metalworker.
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18-Dec-2016 08:12:08

Joel Aether

Joel Aether

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My attempt at a restless warrior character.
linza's hair (hide helmet), kril battlegear chest+legs+gloves+boots (dyed red), dual steel ceremonial swords v (plan on switching to dual primal longs when i get reqs), backstab cape, barbarian walk animation

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This thread pertains to my interests... I'll check in later.

*I LOVE people with STYLE! Creativity is BRAIN POWER!
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