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Torakage said:
ZevrantáBapt said:
Decided to change from Drakewing to Duskwing head so that I can use KBD Tail to match the scale colour. No more skeletal tail~ (Even if I do suffer having to be more 'edgy')

What outfit is that? The upper body looks fantastic

Body and Legs are Refined Anima Core of Zaros, boots and gloves are the Dark Gloves and Boots from Treasure Hunter. (Damis set)
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05-Oct-2017 12:04:17

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Cipherix said:
Constructor said:

Think it now looks better :L

This is an amazing look. I have a golden katana and was wonder how you managed to hold a godsword like that. Once again amazing look.

Sorry for late reply.

I just keepsaked the golden Godsword, and the equipped a auspicious katana, seemed to do the trick.

06-Oct-2017 19:04:24



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Yo guys. I promised more Halloween outfits, but haven't been playing as I have been trying to finish a Halloween outfit for another game..... Witch ;) took forever to finish.

Anyway, here is a new halloween outfit to go along side my warlock outfit for males. This one is for females.

I looked forever for a hat. There wasn't any good hats so I had to settle for this one. I was going to use the Dragon Ceremonial Hat, but the recolours were limited and there wasn't an orange and purple just didn't look too good. Dagon'hai may have worked, but it just didn't look as witchy to me as the RC hats, Astromancer hat, and master rc hat.

Anyway, I used the following:

Witch Top
Witch Skirt
Witch Cloak (If you want more purple, then Dragon Ceremonial Cape, with purple recolor)
Frostwalker Gloves (Normal Orange from SGS)
Frostwalker Boots (Normal Orange from SGS)
Vampyre Hunter Amulet
Cabaret Hat (Normal Orange from SGS)

I also copy and pasted glasses on her. Just my ow personal touch.

If you find a better hat, please let me know :D I will try to have more up soon that doesn't need old holiday event pieces.

Also sorry my other pictures got deleted in this thread. In the future I want to make an imgur account just for this.
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