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I support the return of discontinued outfits in general.

The only question I have with the RC package outfits is cost- technically they are expensive because you can't use bonds to get them and have to buy a big RC package.

I assume they would return at the same cost? Returning them with just a rc cost, even if it's high, could really annoy players who bought the outfits the first time with real money and later they are returned and you could buy them with bonds.


06-Feb-2017 17:24:11

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I saw the gloves on the male Spooky Spider outfit and I was a bit sad that I missed getting it. Oh well, I can still understand why they wouldn't bring it back though.
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07-Feb-2017 18:32:15

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Ok, I suggest an outfit exactly like the spider outfit =P It's really the only outfit I want. Or anything similar is fine as well. Always happens when I take a break, miss something that I really like with no chance of getting it.
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29-May-2017 00:36:37

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