Scarves. SCARVES.

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Please implement a range of scarves in SGS - I will gladly buy them.

I hate the fact that I have to buy a ridiculously overpriced one that does not obey the laws of gravity, or I have to log in to one of my pures in order to wear the scarves from the 05 christmas event.

While it may not be in season for the majority of Runescape players, it's becoming Winter slowly in the southern hemisphere :D.

I will love you forever if there are any decent looking scarves coming to SGS.

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Some suggestions (click on 'said'. Not all the text can fit this post):
AGreenUFOBoi said:

Marky said:

^ There have been several suggestions for scarves having the ability to 'float in your characters' wake', so to speak. I think that'd be pretty neat.
AGreenUFOBoi said:

Soaked Bread said:

Lil Red 101 said:

Itachii said:

jimothyfurer said:

Itachii said:

Spytre said:

Itachii said:

More suggestions will be compiled in later posts.

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Support because:

1) SGS only has 2 neck slot covers atm(excluding keepsake keys) and one of them was free from Sizzling summer if you were eligible, the other is from the Maids outfit. (I have both, but we need more necklace covers)

2)We need more scarfs that act like regular scarfs. (Red & White scarf to go with my Santa suit please!)
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11-Mar-2013 12:19:02

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