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There are many items I wish to "save up" for in the future and the store is getting bigger every year. I would like a place to keep track of things I want to get in the future, so I can plan for them. This would probably help sales to, because the biggest problem in real life online stores is abandoned carts. Places like Amazon are successful due in part to the ability to have a list of items you want in the future.

14-May-2017 16:15:36

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personally im beginning to dislike these 2 week events. I used to love planning ahead to buy outfits when i could save up gp. Now, I rarely buy runecoins as i can get the items in game free but on the downside, any new characters I might make wont have a shot at the outfits.

I quit hoping that the store would have new stuff about 3 months ago.
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19-May-2017 05:10:29

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