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PvM-Repo, welcome to the forums. Sadly, I have had to hide your post, as you had provided the name of the alleged offender and the details of the phishing website. To protect other players' accounts, such information is not permitted for posting in the forums.

The best thing you could have done was to report the player in-game. By sending an in-game report, it would have captured all the details necessary for Jagex to act. Posting about the event in the forums is not welcome, as there is no way that anyone reading this thread can verify the information that you had posted and it may encourage the more curious and less security conscious players to check out the dodgy site.

For more information about how to report players breaking the Rules of RuneScape, I encourage you to read the How to report a player page of the Support Centre.

I know that your intention was noble but please avoid using the forums to report other players again.

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