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Skilled Laws

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This afternoon I was fletching in the west bank of Varrock when an ultimate iron man stumbled in the bank, asking 2 simple questions about a frog token and where to find a specific npc.

While sorting out his questions, he asked me about how to quit the iron man mode and at that moment I did not know the answer. I was in a hurry, quickly helped him with his last answer and then left him again.

I think the player was new and even bought membership straight away. After 1 hour, I have done some research on how to quit iron man mode, logged in again and added him into my friends list because I felt bad for him not knowing how to quit the iron man mode. but sadly.. he was not online.

So my question is.. is there any way how anyone can contact him and help him out? He was upset about dropping all his stuff and what I think he had was not the best first impression of the game, after buying membership straight away too..

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unfortunately unless someone knows a way to contact him unconnected to the game you'd just have to keep him added and wait till he logs on. .
i'm online alot you can post the display and i'll add him too and try to let him know.

i'm sure there are a few others that wouldnt mind keeping an eye out too.

23-Feb-2019 14:12:59

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