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Question kinda sounds stupid in my mind but here it goes...

When you report a single player in the in-game report system. Does it report all rule breakers in the chat? And also, what is the clip time of the chat being recorded?

22-Jan-2019 02:57:10

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Do you think Old School RuneScape will have a music player update where a playlist will be added so you can put your favorite music onto it just like what RuneScape 3 has currently?

22-Jan-2019 03:27:34

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Instead Of A Bone Whip, why not something different? a bone katana, i took the Assassin's weapon from devious minds and converted the colors, have a look.
Still infuse it with the whip at the DS2 Area and we have a different kind of weapon not just whips. the image holding the katana is just me messing around, would fit more on the devious minds weapon, Thanks a lot.

23-Jan-2019 00:13:19 - Last edited on 23-Jan-2019 00:14:39 by SKYRlM

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It'd be super nice if there was a way for F2P to bank from the Crafting Guild, even if it has really high requirements, is there any way this is possible? - F2P player grinding for a bond

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A question about the tithe farm, specifically the zamorak grapes.

At the moment, mainly for iron men, it is very tedious to acquire zamorak wines. Gathering zamorak grapes from the tithe would be a perfect alternative, if it wasn't so underpowered. The grapes consume way too many points for it to be even close to a viable method to get zamorak wines. Even if you have the grapes, they can still turn into bad wine, resulting into a complete loss.

Could the Bologa's blessing be changed to turning the whole vine into zamorak grapes, instead of 1 charge per grape?

This would make the method a bit more viable, while not being too overpowered for anyone. Espescially now that potato cacti have been made way easier to obtain through farming, I feel like theres a big gap between potato cacti and wines of zamorak.


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