The Edge looting bots

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Emperor Dupe

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They literally know 5 seconds before any PvP loot is visible to the Official client of where it'll spawn.

It's the same grouping of bots too, I tried making a level 5 combat Iron archer to take them on ... what's the point when there's 15+ of them?

You lot never gave a damn about PvP either ... now there's better games for PvM.
....... West & drop a single ore.

23-Apr-2019 00:24:05

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They can be kinda' annoying, yeah. .
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24-Apr-2019 05:19:15

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Whether it's bots or real people, there will always be people looting in the wilderness. Report the bots and let Jagex take care of it. ;)
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24-Apr-2019 20:12:24

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