Prayer - Kill and Use Altar?

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Hey all,

I'm looking for a good way to train prayer whereby I use any in house teleport available at 93 Construction to get to a place that I can kill things with 80+ Range from a safe spot, fill up on bones, Teleport to the house and use my altar (or someone else's).

Any thoughts on this? Things you enjoy killing? It would be pretty great if I could make money as well, so I was leaning toward blue dragons, Ogresses, etc.


06-Feb-2019 03:06:22

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Birbtastic, welcome to the forums. :)

As you are an OSRS player, your thread has now moved to the OSRS General forum. The readers here will be more than happy to offer assistance/advice.

If you wish to discuss OSRS content, when you come to the forums, you will have to scroll down to find the dedicated OSRS forums.

Looking forward to seeing post again. :)

06-Feb-2019 03:36:25

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Blue Dragons are almost certainly your best bet if you can use the shortcut to access them. You could put your house in Taverley and then you're already right there to go back to the dungeon. Otherwise they aren't great.

if you wanted to, you could also kill Vorkath and use his bones there, and you'll make great money from all the other drops still. Probably would want to do a couple trips before lighting up your burners in that case though.

I guess he's technically also a blue dragon.

06-Feb-2019 08:23:05

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