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Wiz Kahuna

Wiz Kahuna

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If your are on twitch or anything in general, do not click on the links that they provide saying that they're quitting runescape. it'll take you to a site that looks exactly like this one. it'll ask you for you email and password and even your bank pin. and me being the idiot i was i didnt think nothing of it. These streamers claimed to be, "woox" and "boaty". I REPEAT DO NOT CLICK THOSE LINKS AND PUT IN YOUR INFO YOU'LL BE CLEANED OUT. I dont think ill be able to get my items and gold back seeing that i cant find a way to recover my items through jagex support etc and if there is anything to be done i'd love to know because i have no will of playing this game again after this incident and hope it doesnt happen to anyone else. hopefully i cant recover my items and gold back because i know exactly was taken and give detailed description. R.I.P Wiz Kahuna :(

22-Jan-2019 08:30:43

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Hijacking the thread and mentioning (mostly for new people who will most likely click on the thread due to the OP topic name out of curiosity) that there's a influx of some retarded person who most likely is from the Czech Republic. who keep spamming on several worlds about everything between 50 million to 5 billion give away.

They ask you to search for something on youtube. Where usually the youtube account is less than a month old, and only has one video.

Most if not all of these accounts spamming are higher leveled (between lvl 50-100 combat) in order to trick you. Do not fall for this shit. The links leads to websites with a javascript payload designed to fuck you up and infect your computer. They also replicate the runescape websites, but with and other bullshit.

But more often than not, they use short url's like tinyurl, bitdo etc.

Report the spammers for advertising or breaking real world laws (which whoever the asshat behind this is actually doing. Fraud, Trademark infringement, phishing, computer intrusion etc etc). And be nice, if you see a newbie start asking these spammers question, shut the spammer down immediately if they try to goad the user to follow along and make it loud and clear exactly what they are doing.

23-Jan-2019 10:48:08

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