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So im getting tired of grinding honestly and was wondering what the most viable route for me to pk would be currently? also thinking about getting 70 pray, but other than that not trying to grind too much more for a few weeks. any help appreciated. And is 70 str even viable at 82 combat? thats kinda why i want at least 70 pray for the piety. was also thinking about 85 range before i start too. but even then should i hybrid or tribrid or what with my build?

08-Feb-2019 08:33:18

Savage Vibes
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Savage Vibes

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Buy the cheapest gear you can. You may think I'm joking but people will say "risk v reward" usually referring to pvm in wildy, but pkers in general can risk virtually nothing and completely slaughter someone in max gear... The cheaper the gear, the better. Pking anymore is nothing but people out in the wildy with like 10 other people that can't pk either so they target pvmers. Hence why you never see and wars going on in wildy unless its rot vs some other clan which usually rot wins because they'll ddos lol.

09-Feb-2019 23:05:45

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