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So today I decided to enable developer mode on my chromebook, download the runescape mobile APK, installed it, and bam Runescape on a chromebook working perfectly. Not sure if it matters from model to model but I am currently using an Acer 15 Chromebook. So please give it a try if you dont want to use crossover or a linux os on your Chromebook. The game works flawlessly. Only reason I am posting here is because I could not find any information on this on google and obviously when you try to install the mobile version from the play store on a chromebook it just doesn't allow you saying it isn't compatible, but that simply isn't true, at least in this case. You do have to find your own osrs apk download file for the most recent version for this to work.

10-Feb-2019 03:47:54



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Hey how's it going, I just bought a Chromebook recently (HP Chromebook 14-ca004na) and am gutted to see that OSRS isn't officially compatible. Your experience gives me hope, I had a few questions regarding your Chromebook, if you don't mind.

Is it touchscreen?
Which processor does it have?
How is your OSRS experience, any crashes or issues?


09-Mar-2019 17:58:19

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