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This thread is to answer any burning questions you may have. To view the original newspost click here.

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Is this a separate version of Old School RuneScape/RuneScape?
No, this is the full game! You’ll be able to continue on your mobile where you left off from on your PC.

Great! So how much extra are you charging for this?
The app will be free on iOS and Android, and will mirror your current experience; if you’re a member you’ll be able to access all worlds on the app, if you’re not a member, you’ll be able to access non-members worlds only.

When will the mobile client be available for download?
The mobile client for RuneScape will be available for download in 2018. The mobile client for Old School RuneScape will be available Winter 2017.

When will the beta for Old School RuneScape be available?
The beta for Old School Mobile will be later in 2017.

When will the beta for RuneScape be available?
The beta for RuneScape Mobile will be in 2018.

What will I be able to play on the mobile client?
The mobile client is the same game you play on PC, just with a mobile-optimised interface. You’ll be able to access everything you can on PC on your mobile/tablet.

What will RuneScape Mobile’s interface look like?
RuneScape Mobile is still in development. We’ll be posting regular Developer Blogs to showcase updates and development of key things such as the interface.

How will players be selected for the betas?
We’ll be selecting players based on account history and on device compatibility. All Jagex staff will also be taking part in the betas, as well as selected social influencers for each game.

How can I take part in the beta?
For Old School, head here:
For RuneScape, you’ll want to go here:

Questions from 19/07's Mobile Q&A (RS & OSRS)

On the couch is Mod Archie, Mod John C, Mod Mic, Mod Shauny.
Thank you for joining us for this very special stream, where we’ll be going more in depth about RuneScape and Old School on mobile.

So guys how do you feel the announcement has gone so far?
It’s been crazy. Amazing to see the reception to something we’ve put so much time & effort into.

How long has mobile been in development for?
OS research began over a year ago, in development for 3-4 months. Perhaps it's why it’s been avoided on Dev Q&As. We had to wait for the right time to announce it.

Have we had much interest so far in the beta? What types of players have signed up?
Over 150,000 so far. It’s quite evenly split between RS/OSRS.

What made Jagex decide that now, specifically, is the right time for Runescape Mobile?
It was the players. You’re getting older, there are lifestyle changes (work/college/families). RuneScape in your pocket it just makes sense. We’re trying to make the games as accessible as possible. It offers huge appeal to new players. The fact that it’s cross-platform will make desktop players realise that they can pick it up when on the train, or at a family wedding.

What operating systems will it run on?
Android & iOS

Will I need a new account?
No. Use your existing RuneScape account (if you have one). Completely cross-platform.

What will I be able to play on the mobile client?
Everything. Only your skill and talent will hold you back. Inferno completed whilst bungee-jumping perhaps? We had influencers back in May, testing a very early version, and they were one-tick prayer switching. Perhaps it’ll introduce new metas. New behaviours and playing styles will arise. The OSRS team are going to try Jad, we’re confident we can do it.

Is it a free app?
It’s an entirely free download. To access Members-content you need Membership.

Why is there a difference in the timeframes for OSRS Mobile (late 2017) and RS Mobile (2018)?
It’s easier to ‘port’ OSRS to mobile.

Will there be more microtransactions as a result of this?
No there won’t. There's no MTX in Old School. MTX will continue as normal in RuneScape. It’s life as before.

Who are the team working on the Mobile games?
We rehearsed this earlier, and we struggled. We have the platform team (Atlas, Boku, Genesis, and more!), Jed from Old School, most of the web team. Lots of Mods across the business.

When will it be out (roughly)?
It's impossible to be exact. When it’s ready. We have a target window based on the perceived work remaining. We hope the OSRS Beta entering Q4, and the Beta will determine the final release. RS follows shortly after that timescale.

How's the data usage?
OSRS was designed to run on dial-up, it should have minimal impact.

How can I register my interest in the beta - and when will they be live?
Visit both websites, and click register interest. Register your details and we can then get it to you, should you be successful.

How will combat be affected?
In reality it won’t affect it whatsoever. It’ll be more difficult but is entirely skill-based.

]There's also concern about over-crowding, or unfair PvP. Will there be specific mobile worlds?
We’re not looking to add specific worlds, but we’re willing to increase our current world offerings.

Does this mean that the games will feature more mobile friendly content and/or become easier, as more content is made with a Mobile audience in mind?
We aren’t looking to create content specifically for mobile.

Will this affect the 'Dailyscape' burden?
Only if you end up playing RuneScape more. It just makes the game more accessible 'on the go'.

There are concerns about XP rates: see fletching darts as an example. Tapping quickly using a touchscreen can yield incredibly high XP rates.
It is possible, we have no current plans to address this, but if it becomes a matter of game integrity then we’ll review it.

Will we see a new tutorial (for RuneScape) or a revamp of Tutorial island for OldSchool for first-time mobile users and returning players?
We’re not looking to alter Old School, perhaps we’ll see if we can optimize the experience more. In RuneScape we’re going to make changes in a similar vein.

What's the split like between iOS and Android in terms of interest so far?
It's roughly a 50/50 split.

Could you share details about how control mechanisms like: right-clicking, shift-clicking, and camera movement work within the app?
In OSRS we have plans for design in initial stage, and we’ll then review. We want to mimic the desktop experience, as planned by Gowers (left-click to interact directly, right-click is supporting).. Left-click via touch, right-click we're thinking either hold-down and/or drag down. We're still reviewing it. Camera will be controlled via pinch/swiping. Shift-click is difficult to implement, so perhaps we’ll implement a 'drop mode' in inventory. 1 mouse gameplay is already implemented (everything left-click).

Is there potential for fingerprint to be used for log in?
We love it. It’s not in the initial launch plans, but after full commercial launch we plan to investigate further.

Will there be proper tablet support, or will it either stretch/assume mobile screen size?
Developing for mobile is a different kettle of fish entirely. We’re planning on making it scale depending on your screen resolution.

What will be the minimum specs I'll need in order to play?
It's too early to say. The better the phone, the better it’ll run. We want it to be as accessible as possible.

Will there be offline progression? Will I be able to play offline?
It’s an online game. You need to be online.

Will there be any push notifications from the app? For GE, instance DnD starting, farming patch ready etc…?
As with fingerprint login - it’s an exciting possibility, but isn’t in the initial roadmap. It’ll be totally toggleable if so.

Will it have the language options currently available in RS?
Languages will be the same as on desktop.

How large are the apps, and how much data will they use?
Initial app is a 2MB download, but less than 50MB for OSRS with everything (cache and all). RS is bigger (no size as of yet).

How does the authentication work on the app? Is it connected to the other authenticator app?
It isn’t, nor we do plan it, it just happens to be two apps on the same phone.

What if I take a call/do something else?
It works the same as other apps, it's a phone, so your call takes precedence. If you’re at Jad, you decline the call!

Will voice chat accompany the release of mobile?
No, but you’re on your mobile, so if you have an app, you can use that.

Will I be able to play my music at the same time like Spotify and Facebook, or will it act like YouTube and be the sole app for sound?
It’ll work like Spotify, and apps in that vein. Or you can listen to the lovely RS music.

How's the battery usage?
Shouldn’t be too bad. We’re optimizing it as much as possible. No use in having it if it drains too quickly.

What do we actually want from beta-testers?
We need performance data from Android/iOS which will seriously shape phone optimization. We want player feedback to center on bugs and how they personally interact with the UI/UX.

Are there any criteria on picking beta testers?
None as of yet. We have 150k+ apps to sort through. We’re looking for the right devices (unusual is good!), but no pre-set criteria guaranteed.

What will the beta process be? A genuine beta, or a soft launch in a specific territory?
Once closed beta is ready, we'll roll out to a couple of thousand, and then we implement a phased roll-out. It lasts as long as it needs to.

Will you be able to visibly distinguish between desktop and mobile players?
We’re not working on a plan for that, nor do we intend to. We probably could do it, though. The point is that it's a class-platform release.

Is there mouse/keyboard support?
If your native OS supports keyboard use, it should support your keyboard. We’re not sure about using a mouse.

What about RS Classic?
No plans whatsoever.

What's the FPS looking like?
Currently up to 60FPS on top phones.

Will beta be on live servers?
Yep, your account on our live servers.

Can I apply to be a beta tester on two different phones?
Two surveys required. Surveymonkey limit on IP. Different accounts needed too.

Can I apply to be a beta tester for both RS Mobile and OSRS Mobile?
Two surveys required. Surveymonkey limit on IP. Different accounts needed too.

We know what we need to do, and how to do it, we’re reasonably confident we can do it. We know it’s a bad answer, we just need your belief, and for you to trust us. We can’t compromise our methods.

Are you confident the servers can handle the potential traffic that mobile brings?
Hundreds of millions of players will make any servers struggle. We need to forecast what we expect, and then adapt to it.

When can we expect world increases in the face of seriously large activity levels?
We have a report which looks at capacity, we can use the same one to determine new worlds. Pretty easy to do so.

How about VR?
No current plans, but it’s an interesting topic. Different game with an RS/OSRS theme? No way you can make a live VR game.

Will it affect update frequency?
It shouldn’t. Not all game updates will require an app update. Jed has been on mobile, but our roster of releases have been fantastic of late.

Does this means consoles aren't too far away?
No plans for console gaming whatsoever.

What if I encounter a bug in beta and lose items as a result?
Very good question. Not sure. Still a long time to think about this. The NXT release beta had a caveat that we aren’t respnsible. We’ll think about this.

Will we be getting an update to the Companion App with mobile?
It’s going to be decomissioned, you can do everything on Mobile. It’s no longer needed.

Are the current job listings for Unity developers in any way linked to mobile?

How can players give mobile the biggest chance of succeeding?
Register for the beta and take part! Tell your friends! If you’re playing on the bus, tell them you’re playing OSRS, not watching porn.

Can I play mobile and desktop at the same time?
Not on the same account, but you can on two different accounts.

How will it affect/react with streaming?
The new Apple iOS update allows you to stream/record your phone usage. Twitch has an option to stream mobile. Development/technology catching up with demand for streaming/filming, it's very exciting stuff.

How about Steam?
This was explored before, it didn't happen. There are no plans to change this.

Can I have the app running in the background?
You can minimize/have it in the background, but as with it is now, if you’re idle too long it’ll log you out. Don’t afk in the wilderness if your phone’s dying.

What would we love to do with mobile, that isn't planned, but is entirely speculative?
Imagine a rare drop. In OSRS you get the red message in the chatbox, your phone buzzes, it takes a screenshot, maybe it tweets/posts it for you too.
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