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Mod Ronan said:
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So why are some players a-holes, when it comes to the wilderness? (as if there's not enough danger in the wilderness, even without P2P)

I'm minding my own business, trying to complete a task for the slayer master in level 7 wilderness (keeling Earth warriors), and along comes this moron with child-like delusions of "God-hood" and prevents me from teleporting and ends up killing me?

(although the joke is on him: I had nothing really valuable to lose, and quite frankly, I don't care either way)

The point is, the people who engage P2P combat can be really obnoxious and probably points to some psychological inferiority complex in their real lives.

I'm not saying I dislike P2P, [in fact, a P2P that lasts at least 2 minutes is entertaining] but those 'big fish' who purposely go after the 'little fish' (probably because they got their azz whooped by some other bigger fish than themselves) and kill them in less than five seconds, have some psychological 'issues,' IMO.

Just sayin'...

20-Feb-2015 03:09:46

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