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I have a crazy idea and I hope Jadax is listening. I am going to propose a small change in the chat dialog that I feel will benefit everyone who plays RS. So I came to this idea after trying to sell in world 301. Hear is how it would go. As it is you can change your color of your text and make it flashy. This is great but I feel there should be a banner option as well. How this would work is that your for example type banner:Hello World and that text will stay on top of your players head for 2 minutes at the min. I feel it really could be up there longer but at least 2 min. Now whenever you chat the banner goes away. What I am trying to solve is the need for people to use auto typers when they are trying to sell things or type every 2 seconds lol. I am really frustrated as to how much typing I am doing just to keep my message up. Please feel free to support this idea :)

19-Aug-2014 04:39:39

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