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Threat said:
Why does entering and leaving a POH cure poison?

To prevent lures. One of the tricks from the bad ole days was to host a house party, invite people to the house party, kill them a few times. The next stunt was to reduce the hp significantly (10hp or less best case) poison them and boot them from the house. They'd leave at 10hp, rarely have an antipoison or if timed right enter there poh (if indeed it was there) and thus die. No gravestones so all the stuff fell on the ground too.

Same reason if you leave a house at reduced hp it returns.
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Can we make this forum Oldschool general, feedback and poll suggestions? I get depressed going to oldschool feedback and poll suggestions as everytime I go there I'm all alone while the cool kids are throwing a party with cookies in oldschool general.

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OSbuddy quickhop is *picture of mint*.

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Thanks for adding in Aussie servers ^_^

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