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Hymn-Weekend said:
All i do in runescape at the moment is barrows... kinnda nothing to do since no good updates came :/

Make an iron man account and you don't have to worry about trading

07-Sep-2014 18:41:17



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"Q: What would be involved in the slayer update?
A: New monster, new bosses for existing bosses, outside requests like tzharr tasks, assignment lists, requirement changes, etc."

Requirement changes?!

08-Sep-2014 01:03:09

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ScapeRune said:
Think they might be considering remove the hidden combat level requirements on tasks. Like dark beasts needing 110 combat.

This is exactly what they would be changing and the way they worded that sentence could have been better. :s inb4 doesn't pass because people think abyssal demon killing req goes to like 60 or something.
Derp, Derpity Derp.

08-Sep-2014 02:26:33

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