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I just wanted to post about this because I'm tired of seeing it and I took it upon myself to sit at the G.E and warn people about this scam as I watched the conversations unfold.

This is essentially a 3 person scam, with you as the victim and the other two people being the scam team. One of them will advertise "Doubling money and items!" or something along the lines of "Selling my armor make an offer!" while wearing full bandos and other expensive things.

Once you trade one of them, they tell you to turn private on so they can message you to "double" your items or accept your trade offer. This is the first warning sign, especially for the gear sale because it can seem legit (Never trust a doubler in the first place, so that one is already a given). Why would someone want your trade chat on and not just add you? I'll tell you why.

Once you turn the chat on, someone will message you that the person you have been interacting with is trying to scam you. They'll tell you to go watch a video on youtube, which will teach you how to "beat" the scam.

What ends up happening is that the video shows you a 2 round prize scenario. You drop your money, the person trades you items, and then you drop one of the items and pick up your money. This can turn out ugly in many ways, but I'll tell you the one I often see.

You get taken to the duel arena in an unpopulated world. You drop your money up on the parapets and they trade you telling you to accept fast so you won't lose your cash, making it look like they care about you losing it. You quickly accept the items, not paying attention to what they are and behold, you've just accepted a full pack of wound toy mice which cannot be released up there.

If you're lucky, you can run and release it if you fell into this trap over at the top of the wooden ramp. You'll like freak out though and not respond quickly enough.

Don't fall for this scam, and Jagex, please make toy mice droppable in their wound form.

13-May-2017 03:03:35

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Well i was reading forums the other day and wanted to make you guys aware of something you might not know about.Original message details are unavailable.

• "2B Giveaway - Search Scamer123 on Youtube, Trade for 5M after Voting!" - Do not fall for this. The Video will say some rehashed line about a giveaway where you must follow the link in the description that takes you to a RuneScape look alike site to "Sign Up". When you input your details they will hijack your account.

Scammers are always thinking up new ways too scam people. I was at pestcontrol and seen a spam bot spamming people to yt a vid that in comment section had a fake runescape url that was being used to hijack account information. I used this example so people know scams can come from anywhere. Some giveaways can be real but if you're curious to check simply type into your browser then click forums and type the rsn too see if legit forums.

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19-May-2017 05:01:33

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@ JediBigBear - Your post has been removed as off topic and spam.

It has nothing to do with the topic of this thread, which is how to avoid scams, making it off topic.

All you are doing is advertising an Old School RS video, which you have also posted on several other unrelated threads, which is spamming.

In future, please make your your posts are relevant to the topic. Thanks

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19-May-2017 18:56:24

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I'm not sure if this one was discussed, but I noticed a new one today. A low level saying they're quitting, and will stake anyone for 10m. He then trades a maple shortbow and some rune arrows. However, maple bows can only shoot adamant and below. I'm sure it's not new, but it was the first time someone tried it on me. At least I got some free rune arrows :) A camel is an even-toed ungulate within the genus

20-May-2017 07:47:35

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28-Jun-2017 12:47:32

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FrostedGlaze, I appreciate that it was your intention to alert and to educate but posting the specific address of the phishing website is not welcome. Sadly, there are some curious players, who may check it out, thus placing the security of their account and computer at risk.

For more information, please check out the Phishing websites and suspicious emails page of the Support Centre.

05-Jul-2017 13:41:22

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