Who is Chaka Norris?

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Hi gamers,

Today I was casually hopping through worlds at Black Demons in Brimhaven, trying to find an open spot. I decided to just snag one from a guy named Chaka Norris who was already safespotting one, and I let him know I was just there for one kill. I got a brimstone key! And then he said

"Nobody cares loser im 221m xp rs3 check me n take the l son"

Can someone explain this to me? Is 221 million xp in a game that's been out for almost 2 decades an accomplishment? Did I meet a celebrity!? I'm not sure why he's so upset and mad, but it'd be pretty cool if I got to me a real RS celebrity like Zezima.

20-Feb-2019 00:04:14

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