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1. How actively do you play OSRS? Hours a week / Day. I play probably 20-30 hrs a week.

2. What records or accomplishments have you done? (anything you are proud of) Got married in a church west of port sarim (less known than lumbridge or varrock churches, but still a good ceremony).

3. What is your EHP and EHP Rank? EHP: 1,333 (#2563)

4. What are your goals / Why do you play OSRS? (Go into detail) My goals are to have fun and learn more about the game. Maybe one day i'll skill more, but I've reached most of the 99s I've wanted, now it's just casual playing with the intent to have fun and make friends/conversation.

5. Will you use Teamspeak / Voice Chats? No

6. Will you use the clan website? No

7. Do you agree to abide by our rules? Yes

8. Previous clan(s), if any and reason for leaving: No previous

9. Anything else you would like to add: A lot of people used to pick on me for having the name Rcer cuz I didn't have 99. Now I do, so hollah atcha boi. Also: CML says my previous name is 'xdung' I've contacted foot about it, hopefully he replies and fixes that. I'm only Rcer.

16-May-2016 23:07:51

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