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Hey all, interested in a clan where ranks and progress aren't decided by events or attendance all while still holding PVM mass events for the whole clan? That's us! Here at COB rank can be earned passively with other clan mates regardless of your schedule or play time. Here is how it works, all we ask is for members to split loot and record the logs on our discord. Ranks are then given based on total shared gp among clanmates! For more info on this please see the discord link below!
Requirements to join:
110+ combat or 90 def 95 range with rigour : We set the requirements to ensure everyone in the clan can do some form of PVM
Discord Application must be filled out

Lastly a little about ourselves here in COB, we are a clan of 12 18+ real-life friends that have been playing OSRS for some time. We joke around with each other a lot and decided to open our doors and start our own clan. We encourage everyone just to hop in the discord read the rules and see if you think our idea of PVMing is way better than most clans with hard schedules and requirements.
Contact RSN: (Bloons TD 6) in game for questions or join the clan cc at: (COB Main)

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