FreeKnights Social Clan V6.

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Last page Bump :) First 99: HP - 22/12/2018 ///// Lost my untrimmed hp cape smh
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<3 Free Knights <3

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Username - Mooj

Are you going to be loyal to the clan? – Yes!

Which clan were you in last, and why did you leave? (if applicable) - Old clan just raised the requirements and while everyone is awesome and I have no complaints about them or anyone, I'm just looking for a more social clan. I always had the cc muted since it was all just text for scouting raids or looking for bossing, not as social as I remember. If interested I'll pm someone the name of the clan. But I'm still friends with many of them and don't want to call out on a public forum (even if it is just good things)

Name any rule except Rule 1 – The second rule of Fight Club is: You do not talk about Fight Club. Or well, in your case, "No spamming" lol

Will you help bump the forums when possible? - When I can, but this is the hardest thing to do. Ever have a pc so bad it'll crash if you have Runelite and a webpage open at the same time? Me either, but my browser just eats up a bunch of memory so I don't have it open while I'm playing, and usually forget when I'm signing off, but I'll try.

Time Zone and available times – Timezone EST for the US. I believe that's UTC-5

Favorite types of events - Mostly skilling events since I'm slowly trying to crawl to max and I'm almost dome with combat.

How did you find out about this clan? If someone recruited you, please put their name here - forums

Tell us a little about yourself! - I'm a Physicians Assistant in the ICU for a Hospital here in Ohio in the US. I like cats, anime, and when I see my friends we like having 30 beers in a night then feeling like crap for about a week.

Do you want to be added to our Discord Server? (If so, a Star rank will PM you about it) - Absolutely

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Meaty Hen
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Meaty Hen

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First 99 - Strength - 1/14/2019

Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe. -Albert Einstein

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