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Sigma cc

Sigma cc

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Contents :-
1. Introduction
2. What we're about
3. Requirements
4. Rules
5. Ranking
6. Member List
7. Application Form
8. Clan Competition

CC : Sigma CC
Home world : 350
Founders : Gainsbraah, Mazuma
Members : 80
Application Status : Open
Reqs : 600+EHP + Access to Discord

1. Introduction

Hello, and welcome to our skilling clan, Sigma! Thanks for checking us out. We're a clan that recently formed from a group of friends and plebs deciding to venture out and make a clan of ourselves. We all of us resided and met in a popular streamer's CC, but due to becoming disillusioned with how the CC was being ran decided to leave. The ever increasing popularity was bringing more and more people into the CC everyday, which naturally meant more spam, more arguments, and more unsavoury characters. Couple that with a very lax rule-enforcement we concluded that we simply needed to move on. All of us remained merely because our friends were there - once we realised we all had the same opinion it was a rather simple decision that we should just leave as a group, and thus Sigma was born. Around two dozen of us left, which gave us a solid foundation to start from, putting to ease our worries that not enough of us would want to move.

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Sigma cc

Sigma cc

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2. With that in mind, what are we about?

Originally, with the mixed bunch of people who moved over from the aforementioned streamer's CC, we decided we'd go for a Skilling + Social approach; a fair amount of the first group were not necessarily highly skill oriented and so it seemed best to opt for more varied, broad approach as opposed to the more nuanced aspect of being specifically about skilling. Since then, however, the average total level of the clan has shot up and so we've now changed our focus to be solely a skilling clan; all this really means is that we've increased the requirements to join. Requirements aside, we're simply all set on making gains and having fun at the same time. Being surrounded by like-minded players can be highly conducive to keeping yourself motivated and sticking to the goals you've set. A couple of Skilling Week challenges here and there also serve to get you making progress on those skills you otherwise might leave for a while. Incentives all around.

We have our own Discord server. All members will be expected to join the server, although participation / activity in the Discord won't itself be a requirement. We simply need all members to have access to our Announcements channel, which, as you might imagine, contains important updates and announcements pertinent to the clan.
Trials will be invited to the Discord too.

You can also check out our clan twitter here:

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Sigma cc

Sigma cc

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3. Requirements

Requirements to be a member are as follows :-

-Access to Discord

*For limited accounts (Ironmen, 3CBs) we will use your limited EHP rather than regular EHP.

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Sigma cc

Sigma cc

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4. Rules

Our rules are fairly straight-forward and typical.
- No racism; keep those sort of jokes in the NSFW channel on our Discord or between private messages
- No a q ps. I wish this didn't have to be a rule, but you'd be amazed at how many children play this game.
- Respect other opinions. Someone is not necessarily wrong solely because you disagree with them.
- No spoilers.
- No spam.
- Don't crash or otherwise interfere with the skilling of other clan members. Another no-brainer, really. Protect our Abyss RCers, don't kill them.
- Trials : Don't beg for money or ask for loans


Life can get in the way of RS; unexpected things might crop up and keep you away, or you might simply lose interest in the game or have your attention turned elsewhere for a period of time. We don't have any mandatory events or a minimum level of participation needed - so long as you're in the CC or Discord channel and interact a little bit, we're happy to have you. However, any members that disappear for over a month will be removed from the CC list if they don't give notice to a Moderator or above, or tell another clan member to pass the message along (although we'd vastly prefer you yourself to notify the relevant people).

This is not permanent; someone pruned for inactivity can apply again whenever they come back if they wish to rejoin Sigma. Depending on the reasoning for the unexplained absence and your level of involvement prior, we may reinstate you with the rank you had before. Otherwise, we will put you on the trial period again. We will decide these on a case-by-case basis; each person will be reviewed individually.

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Sigma cc

Sigma cc

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As a Skilling / Social CC, we expect our members to not be apart of any other Skilling or Social clans. We operate on a 0-tolerance policy for this. However, we do acknowledge that people will not want to only be tied down to Skilling, and thus will allow our members to join other clans, as long as those clans are strictly for PVM and / or PVP.

Ironmen / women are permitted to join Ironman / woman clans.

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Sigma cc

Sigma cc

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5. Ranking

General / Gold Star
- This rank is reserved for the Mod Team
Captain / Silver Star
- 2k+ EHP
Lieutenant / Bronze Star
- 1,600+ EHP
Sergeant / Three Bananas
- 1,200+ EHP
Corporal / Two Bananas
- 900+ EHP
Recruit / One Banana - <900EHP
Smiley Face - Trials and Alts

6. Member List


Sigma Zemm




Daily Dad
Hot Coffee
i am on a pc
Joe Muggs


Drunk Tyrion
Looney Zunes
Rag List


Cross Me
Mr No Meat
pink triangl

dw im fine
Fatal Gambit
Friar Zezima
Highland One
Lord Foeti
Lord Jacob
Orange Spice
Sigma Discos
Sigma Temp

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Sigma cc

Sigma cc

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7. Application Form

After you fill the application form out, we'll get around you to as soon as possible. If we manage to miss you for a few days, or you just want to grab our attention, message one of the Generals or Captains. After that, we'll put you on trial for two weeks. So long as you aren't inactive for the entire time and don't get into any major fights with anyone, you'll pass with flying colours and move onto the appropriate rank. :)

Username :
Total Level :
Total XP :
Total EHP*:
Highest skill(s) :

*If you're unsure about what EHP is, leave this blank.

Tell us about yourself
How long have you played Runescape for?
How long have you played OSRS for?
What is your favourite skill?
What is your favourite activity?
What is your least favourite skill?
What are your current goals?
Do you eventually plan to max your account?
Do you ever plan to go for post 99xp in any skills?
Do you play alternate accounts?
Have you been a member of any other clans or social CCs before? If so, why did you leave?
What timezone are you in?
Can any current members of the clan vouch for you? Who?
Where did you hear about Sigma?
Do you understand and agree to follow Jagex's and the clan's rules at all times?

If you have a Twitter account, would you be interested in sharing it with our Clan's Twitter so we can direct relevant tweets straight to you? For example, tagging you in achievement tweets rather than just mentioning your name?
Are you able and willing to join our Discord server?
Would you take part in clan competitions such as our "Skilling / competition Weeks", the skill for the following week is polled on Twitter or our Discord.

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Sigma cc

Sigma cc

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Clan Competition

Every few weeks, we'll hold a competition of some kind, be it skilling, killing or something a little more outside the box. We'll throw out a bunch of different activities on a poll on our Discord server and let the members decide what it is they want to compete in for the next week. Tracking the comp will be done via CML where possible ; having a website be able to track stats from a certain time until a certain time is a rather handy thing indeed :P

Past winners

Mining, 1/05/17 - 8/05/17 -

Agility, 22/05/17 - 29/05/17 -

Hunter, 12/06/17 - 19/06/17 -

EHP, 10/07/17 - 17/07/17 -

EHP, 28/08/17 - 4/09/17 -

Team EHP, 16/12/17 - 23/12/17 -
Drunk Tyrion / Whai / Jaye

Most recent competition
Team EHP

Winner :
Team : Is This PVM? (247.78 EHP)

Total EHP gained :
581 (18 people)

Average EHP :

Highest Individual EHP :
Drunk Tyrion (100.00 EHP)

Highest Individual EHP Day :
Drunk Tyrion (22.47 EHP)

Pets gained :
2; GainsBraah received the Giant Squirrel twice

Current Skill of the Week

To be Decided

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