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Have you fulfilled the requirements for Smiley rank? (Please state if limited account)
> Yes

Which clan are you currently in?
> Oblivion PvM

Which clans have you been in previously? What was your reason(s) for leaving?
> Hero pvm/Peasant pvm; they're lower level clans

Do you agree to all the clan rules and to fill out your spreadsheet accurately?
> Yes

What's your Twitter username? You must have an account and be following @Totus.
> @07Dono

What's your Reddit username? If you don't have one, would you be willing to make one?
> yes

Will you ask/Have you already asked for somebody to vouch for you? (Trusted status)
> Will ask around

Do you want talk power in the CC?
> I dont mind

Is there anything else you wish to add?
>Thank you
Twitter: 07Dono -- Australia -- 2277

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