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Giant Map

Giant Map

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Hello all,

I have not played OSRS since the release which was in 2013 right? I played it back in 2004+.
This will be my "NEW" main account.

Before training combat should I train Slayer at the same time?
Any other advice on what quests to do to help with stats, items and so on?

Please feel free to add me as a friend: Giant Map
Thank you.

22-Feb-2017 19:52:03

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Hey Buddy,
Yeah doing slayer at the same time is ALWAYS a good idea :D
You should obviously start off with all no-memb quests and then try to remember any other quests you had done on your old main account and do them aswell^^

Enjoy Skilling :P
There is only

22-Feb-2017 21:14:10



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Hello, Giant Map,

It's nice to see you show some interest back into the RuneScape game. As far as advice and your question concerning slayer and combat. Of course you should train both and the same time, doing this benefits your account so much; and here's how:

1. For starters, you will gain combat experience in the various skills of Attack, Strength, Defence, Magic, Ranged and of course Hitpoints.
2. You will see an increase in your supply of various items, meaning you'll get items such as herbs, runes, etc.
3. Not only will your combat experience go up along with your combat level but you will also see your Slayer level go up which is good because it's nice to have a Slayer helmet earlier than expected; which costs 400 slayer points and needs 55 crafting to assemble it and it can also be imbued at Nightmare Zone.

More about Nightmare Zone (NMZ) and imbuing here:

As far as others opinions on what you should do, it's all up to you. If you ever need anything just shoot me a message, I'm available 10 hours out of the day on RuneScape.

Farewell and best luck,


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Tamla Motown
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Tamla Motown

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Hey :)

Welcome to OSRS. :D

I have always trained combat with slayer, I have returned after a long time away and not yet stated on cbt fully. but slayer will be the way when I do :)
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22-Feb-2017 23:13:21

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Welcome to OSRS.

I would recommend you do some quests first to give you some quick xp and access to various slayer monsters/areas. The waterfall quest, fight arena and Tree Gnome Village are some great starters. Once you have a stable base of combat level ~50, then I would start training slayer to make it quicker and more efficient.

I hope this helps. :)
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Hi Im Trek

Hi Im Trek

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Welcome Adventurer! Feel free to Add me :D there is way too much to type out here and so many directions you can go! that is the lovely aspect of runescape i suppose. If you arent interested in contacting me, then my advice is quests all the way up to dragon slayer / heros at bare minimum.
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23-Feb-2017 05:59:32



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Add me ingame if you need assistance. My suggestion is to knock out any quests you can, each time you get the skill requirements. Will make your life alot easier haha. Good luck on your adventures!
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