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Hi Im Trek

Hi Im Trek

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Hey CD, go do death to the dorgeshuun, (check spelling) that quest enables you to open chests in the H.A.M stronghold by lumbridge. Take in High alch if possible. Plenty of guides on youtube or PM me, i have more ideas than this :D. i just know that the chests under HAM is a good 300k an hour if you do it right.
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22-Feb-2017 05:35:54

Tamla Motown
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Tamla Motown

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Get some money making skills up. fletching is a fast levelling skill and provides a nice GP income at cetain levels if PVM isn't working for you for right now. *´¨)
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22-Feb-2017 16:07:43

Lady Hokage
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Lady Hokage

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I make money doing slayer



22-Feb-2017 17:55:49



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If you are a pure and you love ranging. Camp lizardman shamans in the swamps near raids. Safespot them and get a Dragon Warhammer which is equivalent to 80-85mill. Drop rate is 1/5,000. Not as bad as you think but worth the camp. Who knows you could get one in less than 100 kills or be unlucky and get it within 10,000 kills. Test your luck and see if works out for you. 10-15 hrs of camping them can range from 1-3mill in loots per trip. You need any ingame advice just add me. Good luck!
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23-Feb-2017 06:31:06



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Runecrafting is great money!
you can expect around 350k/hr once you hit lvl 44. You can max around
once you get the medium/large pouch and then
over 1m/hr at 90 RC
. Just watch out for pkers!

24-Feb-2017 14:56:59

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