Dangerous Portal for Clanwars

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Goofy Dreads
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Goofy Dreads

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PvP is slowly becoming less and less popular. But an update like this might help the situation if executed properly.

(Note this is just an idea)

Adding The Dangerous portal to clan wars with additional content
(Risk Factor Would be the same as the wilderness)

Making PvP Events that cycle weekly

2006 Week - Event where only Weapons and armor from 2006 (Whip, Dragon Dagger, Granite Maul, ect.)

High Risk Week - No Protect Item

No Armor Week - No Armor in Helmet, Platebody, and Plateleg slots

These are just examples. But with modes that make PvP easier for newer players such as 2006 week without Dragon Claws and Armadyl godswords, I'm hoping it would draw in more people that are interested in the PvP Scene and don't want to be obliterated instantly.


Along with the items dropped by the person you kill in this minigame, a special currency would also be obtained. Used to purchase:

-Broken PvP Armor and Weapons that can be made into the corresponding Armor and Weapon(See "Skilling" ).

- Negative XP Lamps (based off of Quests you've already completed so completing RFD
Quests and Resetting the defence xp gained from it can't be done)

-Cosmetics such as different tiers of capes that represent the time you put in to the minigame


Skills such as Herblore, Smithing and Crafting can be worked into this as well with the addition of:

- Flasks which require a Crafting level to make the empty Flask themselves and Herblore to mix the potion of choice that can then be traded to other players.
(Flasks can only be used in the Red Portal)

- Repairing Broken PvP Armor from the reward shop. This would require a Smithing/Crafting Level to repair.

- Runecrafting Catalytic/Elemental runes that can only be used in the red portal

- Mining special essence to make the above runes


I think the idea of adding PvP content without luring skillers to their deaths would be good for the game.

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Emperor Dupe
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Emperor Dupe

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Goofy Dreads said:


I think with this idea of adding PvP content without luring skillers to their deaths would be good for the game.

It wasn't the formula that made RS Classic a success.


You can get the title of the thread changed in the community help section.
....... West & drop a single ore.

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