Clan Wars FFA Portal, fix it?

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A Blessed SS

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Can we PLEASE have a level range/restriction like the wilderness inside of the Clan Wars FFA portal? It desperately needs it. There are far too many high level players ragging lower level players in the FFA portal and it makes the experience terrible. Simply put, a player of combat level 126 should NOT be able to attack a player level 40. It is absolutely ridiculous.

On a daily basis in the world 2 FFA portal you get this clan of "raggers" who sit in the portal for hours and HOURS on end. They rag people trying to extort them for items and gold or simply to make them miserable. Often their target is a player of much lower combat level who cannot fight back. If we had progressive level ranges like the wilderness it'd VASTLY solve most of the problem aside from the toxic player behavior.

Here's a link to a video I took showcasing the issue:

13-Feb-2018 04:48:42

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