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Combination Runecrafting

When wearing a binding necklace, the left click option on an elemental runecrafting altar should prioritise crafting combination runes before elemental runes. If a combination rune can be crafted, crafting should cease after completing the combination craft and neither continue to craft another (different) combination rune, nor continue to craft elemental runes from the excess rune/pure essence.

The order in which different types of combination runes are prioritised if multiple can be crafted from the inventory remains open, perhaps random or fail the combination craft entirely.

A similar effect could be added for when magic imbue is in effect, so that players who have unlocked said spell need not carry binding necklaces, therefore not changing the GE price of binding necklaces.

Alternatively, the primary left click action on an elemental altar could be toggled from an right click option on a binding necklace or magic imbue spell respectively (similar to amulet of chemistry, teleport destinations or alchemy warnings).

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