February QoL Month

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Mod Ayiza

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This post is to discuss suggestions for the upcoming QoL month as detailed in this post.

The areas of focus are:
Week 1 - PvM
Week 2 - Skilling
Week 3 - PvP
Week 4 - Minigames and other

Please start the first line of your comment with which area you are referring to.

For example, for a skilling update, please comment as:


"Your suggestion for the skilling QoL week goes here"

26-Jan-2018 16:54:24

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Stop having the annoying chat box pop up of someone yelling at you that you have to be on a slayer task this makes it incredibly difficult to pick up a cannon

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26-Jan-2018 17:30:26

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[Minigames and other]

Add the teleports of the digsite pendant to the right click drop down menu when worn, similar to other jewellery with teleports.

[Minigames and other]

If possible, have the magic mushtrees on fossil island be able to be navigated using numbers on the keyboard, similar to how numbers work in chatbox interfaces.

26-Jan-2018 17:46:21



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[Week 4 - Minigames and other]

Castle Wars hiscores - flag captures/Pks. I believe this has been tracked for some time now.

Will the tournaments Worlds be coming with the Qol Month?
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Boss LOOTING BAG! Bosses such as Bandos, dagannoth kings, etc which are very sustainable in regards to supplies dropped along with healing gear such as SGS and Guhan's set, you find yourself getting MANY kills per trip which you do not have the inventory space to pick up. I've gone to Bandos before and not been able to loot the first 10-20 kills because the boss is so sustainable.

PvM looting bags should only be allowed to be used in boss rooms. This includes KBD lair, KQ lair, all 4 GWD boss rooms, Dagannoth Kings chamber, giant mole lair, Kraken room, etc.

This bag should NOT be used outside of these levels, besides at a bank in the exact same way the wilderness looting bag functions. No items taken out of the bag after placed inside until you are at the bank.

Along with this suggestion, I would also like to propose:


Make the current wilderness looting bag (as well as the bossing looting bag) able to remove items from the bag directly into your inventory.

Currently, you have to deposit items from the bag directly into the bank, which make items like runes, coins, alchables, etc get lumped in with your stacks in the bank. This makes splitting difficult for teams. Allow us to empty the bag to the inventory, or withdraw certain items to the inventory from the bag while in a bank menu.
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26-Jan-2018 18:19:34

A ndreas
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A ndreas

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Shamans for Ironmen right now are practically impossible, Shamans are filled with bots and alts with cannons moving to the safe spot (yes there's still a safe spot but this is the smallest issue).
Slayer cave Shamans is probably the most unused piece of content added to the game in the past 2 years, room is 5 x too small, no cannon, only one shaman 10 x more annoying to do Shamans in the slayer cave and 20 x longer to kill.

Bandos has the same problem, with the growing popularity of OSRS yet the same amount of worlds, the most enjoyed game mode you have is struggling because of it. Already for Bandos I have to change my sleeping pattern to get in kills between 8am and 3pm GMT otherwise it's simply too busy for Ironmen, for Shamans even this doesn't work it's constantly too busy.

I understand there is no actual suggestion here, but this is quite a large issue seeing as a lot of bosses need a DWH or BGS for it to be practical Eg/ Raids, Vorkath etc.
If you wanted a quick 30 second suggestion then something like Ironman cave only which is a replica of the standard shaman area - minus the safe spot. I'm not saying to cater just to Ironman anything is better than how it currently is, even just a second replica Shaman cave anyone can enter.

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Busy Dragon
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Busy Dragon

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-Mage Arena 2 Silly Question- i have killed some of god demon's but haven't finished the mini quest yet. If the new Graphic Update/Challenging Mechanic Update rolls out, will i have to redo the quest or will i have one last updated god demon left?

-Many Thanks and keep up the good work!
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[Minigames and other]

Add a right-click teleport to house portals, just like with the spellbook. So instead of having to configure, teleport, and reset it again in my spell book (e.g. to go buy staves), we could just go to the correct destination immediately.

26-Jan-2018 18:31:07

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