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[Minigames and other]
With the intention of resurrecting the minigame "Barrows Brothers", I think adding barrows pets and wrath runes would resurrect the minigame and would positionate itself in an alternative method of making money from the actual ones.

Add Barrow Pets to every barrow brothers, the pet will look like the brother that you killed.

Add Wrath runes to Barrow Chest, to increase the amount of cash that you make in this minigame giving this the opportunity to compete with others methods of money making.

01-Feb-2018 16:45:17

M a t t y ss

M a t t y ss

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"Safe areas" to the wilderness in multi areas with bank. Would be even better if the safe areas wouldn't be just safe areas and there would be somekind of minigame or activity actually in there. I think the wilderness is way too empty / the map is boring at the moment and it doesn't really encourage people to pk in multi's anymore.

Etc. Fist of guthix, bounty hunter and clan wars back in 2009. Those spots used to be full of people back in 2009 and there was always huge fights like 20 vs 20 everyone just fightning each other, it was super fun.

We need those kind of safe spots to the deeper wilderness, so there will be always people waiting to go pk and it will encourage people to go pking in multi areas as well. The safe spots should be in multi areas and in like 5-20lvl deep wilderness.

Of course you would have teleport as well straight to the multi area's --> Games necklace, ring of dueling or something else, so people doesn't need to run through wilderness to that area.

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30k Vorkath
Nov Member 2017

30k Vorkath

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[Week 1 PVM]

Would Like Dragon Hunter Crossbow to go through with increase range distance of Armadyl, since its only a Dragon use PVM tool.

Would like more PVM weapons or Quest weapons to have more use in the PVM environment , maybe have more unique effects towards certain monsters.

*Wolfs bane for werewolves, does true damage which ignores defense

sub-creation of Claw of Gulletine with 90 smithing and 99 magic, completion of priest of peril, completion of darkness of Hallowvale, Need a Werewolf visage and Vampire Chalice.

This will be a set of Werewolf claws that has a special effect of D claws except each hit has a chance of setting venom maximizing its stacks on each successful hit, and must be charged with zulrah scales, and werewolf fur and werewolf bones and blood runes

it will have same stats of Abby whip, with only Str attack and Block attack, it will be 3rd highest slash weapons next to dragon claws, ASG

*Keris for Kalphite species , chance of lowering defense for each time it pen its armor(the stupid gameplay notification)

*Fire arrows have a chance of igniting enemies for purple splat damage maybe 1-4.

* Excalibur, Dwarf helm, Tyras Helm, and other quest trinket recieve minor stat buffs for players just getting started and manage to keep some of their quest trinkets

POH Teleportations

have a teleport death spawn to Fremennik Isles after completion of Quest

* after completion of DT and Prince ali rescue, Shantay's pass are free

* teleport scroll to Kalphite Queen

* teleport to lumberyard with a guy next to balloon, and turns notes-unoted, charging 200 gp ea note

*a proper Digsite amulet that teleports you into Center of Digsite, vs House on Hill, (its a bad spot bc u have to spend 1-2mins walking all the way back down ,even tho it shows shortcut signs, yet there is no shortcut, just a ladder and a lot of suffering )
No Wilderness Training is No Risk Training...
"Me likey"

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Unique Reward to replace on Revenant drop table
mage staff
with an
offensive special attack
! The stats would be similar to the staff of the dead, and work in the same way of consuming
100% of the special attack
, but it would be offensive, instead of defensive.

The reason for this is that it would sit as a highly sought after item and more importantly, will be used for
scenarios. Working perfectly as a reward from the Revenant caves in the wilderness.

Lastly, but by no means least, is that this would certainly allow for a
balanced combat style option
against saturated melee builds, as currently there is no formidable ko option for mid- to high-level accounts using a purely mage set-up.


- When the special attack is activated, it will
only deal on the next hit
, and not over an extended period of time. This could either boost accuracy and damage of the spell being used or be inherent to the staff that shoots a special spell whilst consumes a considerable amount of runes.

- The special attack is to act equivalent to the AGS for melee and ballista for ranged.

- The
special attack is mage based
. The higher your magic attack bonus, the higher it will hit. It has
no connection to melee bonuses
at all; nobody wants Korasi 2.0.

- This is overall aimed to be a higher tier weapon. And requires 75 mage, 75 attack as well as 70 defence to equip.

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Little buff to drop table of Abyssal Demons


This game definitely need more gold sinks. I just have few ideas and maybe they are not good but I think to keep economy healthy and with growing amount of items/gp in the game its important part of game.

- extra tree/fruit tree patch for GP for limited time
- create item/reward that could imbue your weapon that contains special attack to guarantee that first special (if weapon drains 50%) first and last (if weapon drains 25%) will deal damage with weapon after imbuing will become untradable, does not work in PVP
- minus XP lamps that can be bought for emblems/gp
- gambling with Party Pete (you can see still bots running 55x2) why not give this option to Party Pete with limited bets lets say 500k-10M with limited bets per day
- buy your grave with 15 minutes to last for 500k per death
- buy real life items collectibles for GP like special printed poster each month with scarce of production so limited amount of prints and any easy to post item
- teleport spawn point in certain areas in Runescape you can build only from untradables that you can buy from NPC that can be unlocked as reward from quest allowing you to teleport to your pin spawn once a day every time you want change your pin spawn you have to buy untradables again
- have NPC that can re-roll your clue scroll step allowing you only one re-roll per clue for certain amount of GP depends on tier of clue scroll
times have changed but things stayed same

01-Feb-2018 18:41:37

Jun Member 2016


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For the PvP week:

Making hardleather and green dragonhide shields f2p to use/wield. Keep the crafting/fletching aspect still for members but allow the shields to be purchased on the ge/lowe's archery store.

Alongside that, allow bronze, iron, steel, and potentially mithril crossbow to be used by f2p players in the same was as the shields.

This will add more variety to f2p pking rather than the mundane range2h pkers that are EVERYWHERE. This would allow low level range tanks to exist in game.

Implementing this would increase the max hit potential from 18 to 25-28, which would require mage to get a semi-buff to compensate.

With the expansion of the corsair coves to f2p a dungeon full of ogresses was added, a potential update could be a drop similar to mystic robes/splitbark. The drop could be a craftable item (like fine cloth and bark is used for splitbark). If it's implemented in a craftable way, that would prevent it from flooding the economy on day 1 of release.

Another idea is to add a similar demi-boss like Obor to an area in f2p that uses magic-based combat. The demi-boss could drop the pieces of the armour outright, with the same limit as Obor has where one needs a key to access it for one fight.

Bring back Fist of Guthix with all the original rewards including: druidic mage robes, combat robes, and battle robes.
certain rewards like the rc'ing gloves wouldn't pass a poll due to their x2 exp mechanics, but the mage robes surely could.

01-Feb-2018 20:53:33

May Member 2017


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Imbued Eternal Slayer Ring for a lower cost than others, like 200K.

It would have the effects of a Ring of Wealth added (gold/currency collection, boss log, no empty slots on the rare table) But NOT the teleports. For those of us that like to take a Ring of Wealth for Slayer tasks. ;)

01-Feb-2018 21:00:17

Nov Member 2017


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[Minigames and other]

Create an option in the settings to scale UI elements based on screen resolution (or make their size completely user defined) rather than keeping them at a set amount of pixels.

Having a 1440p monitor causes the map, text box, damage indicators, and, most importantly, the main UI are very small and I must lean forward in my seat to be able to read most things. Furthermore, it puts me at a serious disadvantage at the game because I have to set the window to be extremely small in order to have the UI elements near the player or monster I'm attacking, forcing me to lean into my screen and stare at a tiny window as well as require far more precision due to how close together all the items, prayers, etc., are. This also makes skilling far more difficult for similar reasons.

This seriously takes away the Old School feel because my brain doesn't care about pixels, rather is cares about the relative size of the elements on the screen. Over a decade ago, my screen resolution was such that the UI elements were large relative to my screen and therefore easy to see and access, while now it feels like a different game because I can barely see what I'm looking at, and even when I lean into my screen the numbers that indicate damage are extremely small relative to the character models.

Seeing as computer monitor resolutions are only going to get larger, it seems necessary to bring about this update at some point; and I would appreciate it sooner rather than when it's a widespread issue, as I will likely be upgrading to a 4k monitor in the future in which the UI elements will be laughable tiny.

This should be an option in game because it is extremely inconvenient to have to change any windows setting just to play the game, only to have to change them back when I'm done playing, especially as play time is very sporadic throughout the day.

01-Feb-2018 22:07:26

Ashy Ketchum
May Member 2008

Ashy Ketchum

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1) My first suggestion is in regards to the Bandos Godsword and how it is currently operating within the Clan Wars FFA Portal (I'm not sure if it is behaving in the same manner elsewhere). There is a little speculation on my part, but please bear with me. For some reason when the Bandos Godsword special attack does land a hit through the Protect from Melee prayer it seems to be reducing the opponent's defense level by what the attack would have landed, not what it actually has hit through the protection prayer. Thus, the defense level of the opponent is being reduced by far more than what it should be. I was wondering if this could possibly be looked into and fixed.

2) My second suggestion deals with the Staff of the Dead and Verac's the Defiled Barrows Set. Currently, the Staff of the Dead is able to greatly mitigate and/or prevent Verac's set effect while the Staff of the Dead's special attack is in effect. I was wondering if Verac's set effect could be able to bypass the Sotd's special attack. I feel this would make it more balanced and not defile Verac's further ;-). And, to be perfectly honest, when an individual is going up against someone who is praying melee, with a Sotd, and an Elysian spirit shield, it can be quite the pain.

Thank you for the opportunity. Keep up the splendid work!
Clan Wars World 129 Veteran

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