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Fe got
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Fe got

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[Skilling]/[Minigames and other]

I'd like to suggest left click modifiers in the bank interface.

When holding the "Shift" key, the default "Withdraw/Deposit-1" would change to "Withdraw/Deposit-All" (there could potentially be a toggle in the bank interface settings to make this change to "Withdraw/Deposit-All-but-1".)

When holding the "Alt" or "Ctrl" key, the default "Withdraw/Deposit-1" would change to the "Withdraw/Deposit-(X)" preset. (to change the preset amount, you would have to manually right click "Withdraw-X", and enter the new preset.)

I feel these changes would make interacting with the bank interface much smoother, and would go hand-in-hand with shift-click dropping and filling/emptying Runecrafting pouches.


Edit: Didn't even notice this post above mine suggesting the same thing..
Brwnibkr said:
[Minigames and other]

Add shift-click functionality to the bank and deposit box interfaces to deposit-/withdraw-all of clicked item.

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Y2k Survivor
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Y2k Survivor

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Remove the hourglass from the interface at Pyramid Plunder
Fix the arrow bug at underwater Agility, this should hopefully improve the use of this arrow in other uses as well.
Improve Salamander hunting by being able to combine the net and rope into a single item so you only need to collect that one item off of the ground, instead of two, when it fails.
Add a spot at Tool Leprechauns for a woodcutting axe.
Make it possible to light fires on flowers and possibly anything else that is used for griefing firemakers.

[Minigames and other]
Increase the capacity of potions at NMZ.

26-Jan-2018 18:57:40

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[PvM] raids improvements

With raids 2 in the works, it would be nice to see some quality of life and balance updates to the chambers of xeric. I have a few suggestions:

1) scavenger runts as opposed to beasts. These are an annoying rng element that can slow down a raid significantly just because you're unlucky. I suggest removing them entirely.

2) combat level points downscaling makes no sense. Olm is the same difficulty, yet rewards fewer points if the combat average of the raid is lower. I suggest changing this so that if say, a 126 brought along a level 3 to the raid, the points and difficulty would be about the same as in a solo (scale to the sum of combat levels rather than the average). This would make pures etc more viable in raids. As it stands right now, a combat level below 115 arbitrarily reduces points by over 20%. A 126 duoing with a level 3 means olm is as difficult as any duo, yet rewards half points.

3) add staminas and antidotes as craftable raids potions. This makes perfect sense with many of the bosses. Finding yourself in say a late vespula raid without an antidote means your run is pretty much over.

4) tekton needs to be rebalanced for smaller teams. Make the dwh more effective with fewer players, or make him stay longer before returning to the anvil with smaller teams. Vanguards and tekton should give more points due to dps limitations.

5) fix vespula spawning early. Sometimes she spawns and starts damaging grubs before anyone has even entered the room. This bug has been in the game since the release of raids yet I still see it happen sometimes if the previous room is too close.

6) Puzzles. The thieving room needs an overhaul, but as a QoL, the chance of failure on a chest should be reduced. Ice demon is very slow and frustrating in solos, especially since the trees often die in one chop. Crabs and rope are perfect as they are.

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- Make mallignum root planks in raids stackable. Would be a nice QOL change that tackles inventory space hassle while raiding.

- Please add a "peek" option to the handholds that lead to Lizardman shamans in Zeah (Lizardman Canyon).

26-Jan-2018 20:04:33

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[Minigames and other]

Castle Wars Rejuvination.

As we all know, Castle Wars can be considered dead content, compared to the early days of RuneScape. And even OsRs. I have an easy fix for this. Double the XP players receive for killing each-other within the minigame, and add some potential new rewards. New Rewards could include unlocking extra max damage in the minigame, more defence and hitpoints. Aswell as a new type of cape that could be purchased for a lot of tickets that would be mage based and would act as an ava's accumulator but for Magic. This cape would only work for certain spells and maybe it would require a charge. You could charge it with tickets from the minigame.
All this would certainly make CW more appealing and would provide rewards for the med levels. Just a thought, but I'm sure we can all agree that CW is pretty much dead, and if you ask any other veterans, it used to be people's favorite minigame back in the day..

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Please poll (or dont cuz its needed) a nerf to d spearing + ancient maceing people out for their protected item.

Its ruins multi combat pvp. You should never risk what you cant afford to lose, but it isnt fair how you can actually lose your protected item when you did everything perfectly just because they can abuse game mechanics that are only in the game from the last smite buff (losing protect item if you hit 0 pray on death). Getting smited out normally is one thing. but when a entire team can log in on you, d spear you for days, and ancient mace you out is pretty unacceptable.

With the revenant caves being such good gold farm it will definitely be a top tier hotspot. so please make it so teams cant abuse mechanics to get free smites off others. It just promotes being the biggest team possible, which isnt really fun for anyone but the largest team.

Example solutions-
-You cant be smited within 3 seconds of being hit by an ancient mace spec
-Nerf ancient mace specs prayer drain so that if you are full hp and pray u cant be smited by it in 1 tick

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Joa quin
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Joa quin

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Regarding the revenant drop tables, we could have a new unique shard drop that attaches to rune and dragon equipment. These shards would slightly increase the attached item's stats to make it worthwhile risking, but not enough to make them overpower everything else.

The rune shard would be f2p, and could be attached to any piece of rune equipment, while the dragon shard would be p2p. The latter would be attached to dragon pieces that are currently at alch price or exceedengly low (i.e excluding dragon platebody, full helm, kiteshield) so as to keep the price of the valuable ones. Once these are attached, BOTH the shard AND the item will be consumed becoming a non tradeable one, which would last for 1 hour of combat (possibly more, less? Open to balancing suggestions).

The stats for the rune equipment would be a slight increase over its counterpart, so that rune f2p pking doesn't become obsolete, but would also be worthwhile and rewarding for people who are spending the money on it. On the other hand, the new dragon equipment should be an increase over its brethren on p2p, such as using the new dragon dagger to spec rather than a gmaul or the new dragon scimitar over a whip. This increase would reflect its price, while not limiting pvp to exclusively using the new items, and rather becoming another option to add to p2p pvp's variety.

The shards would drop at a rate proportional to the revenant's combat level, capping at a (1/128?) for revenant dragons. This drop rate wouldn't make the shards are a common drop, but would not make them exceedingly rare either, making it worthwhile for PvMers to kill them and for PKers to camp the area. We could also have one shard for weapons and another for armour instead of one for both, making it cap at 1/256 for each of the unique shards, or 1/64 for any at all.

-Rune/Dragon item sink
-Gold sink as the shards will be consumed on use
-High risk high reward variety for PvP
-Constant hotspot for pkers


26-Jan-2018 22:14:28

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-Add Shift-Click Empty to other containers such as Coal Bag, Gem Bag, Herb Sack, etc like on RC Pouches.
-Add selection keys to the Blast Furnace Bar Dispenser interface to withdraw all (e.g. 1-8 with 1 being Bronze, 8 being Gold, etc).

[Minigames and Other]

-Change color of home teleport of match color and shape teleport spells of each spellbook.
-Change color of Spellbook icon to reflect current spellbook.
-Change icons of unenchanted Gold jewelry items (Sapphire, Emerald, etc) to differ from enchanted versions, similar to Silver Jewelry.

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