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Add an option to move down the Pick option for flower patches so that it is not the first option. It's quite annoying to accidentally pick your flowers that are protecting your crops during a farm run.

27-Jan-2018 01:21:45

I am Tristin
Oct Member 2018

I am Tristin

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Shamans for irons

Fix Lizardman Shamans for ironmen. Make extra areas to kill shamans, every single world is packed. I challenge you to log in and to then find an empty world at Shamans. Good luck getting a 1/5000 drop there as an ironman when all it takes is 1 damage from anyone else to prevent you getting the drop. Also Jagex keep making every high-level PvM content require the DWH due to the bosses high defence stats, this is practically funnelling those high level PvM items (like raids items) to those ironmen who had good RNG at Shamans and forcing all PvM minded ironmen to grind out a DWH, which as I explained, is presently impossible for someone who doesn't want to change their sleeping & IRL schedule for RS. (The same can be said about Bandos GWD & the BGS, it's just impossibly busy and you can hop 30+ times before you find a free world.)

Side note: The Slayer task only shamans are useless, it's one shaman in a tiny room with only a few hundred assigned at a time making it pointless for a 1/5000 item grind. The tiny room makes it ridiculous when trying to avoid the shaman fight mechanics.


Fix Vespula, it's so bad right now, everyone I know just instantly skips the raid when they see it has Vesp room.

Vasa can't even really be solo'd without being insta-killed which sucks for ironmen.

TLDR: Make it viable for ironmen to camp shamans, add extra areas or make it single-way combat. Better yet, add extra worlds. Also have a look at Raids 1 before rushing into Raids 2.

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Add a fossil storage bag as a drop from some or all creatures on fossil island (maybe untradeable, and/or just from ancient wyverns). Possible cap of 100 fossils of each tier.

Would be useful for activities like woodcutting/ herbiboar where you get a lot of fossils but not always near a bank/ storage place for the fossils. Also for moving banked fossils from the bank to the fossil storage.


Increase amount of fossils able to be stored in the fossil storage crates.

27-Jan-2018 01:28:53



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[Minigames and Other]

Display GE buy limits for items in the GE window.

Notify players once they have reached their GE limit with an item (perhaps an exclamation mark next to the item’s “progress bar” with a countdown timer in the main GE window), and notify them again when that limit has been reset.

27-Jan-2018 01:29:56

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[Skilling] Add a Playlist option to the music section so I can play all of my favorite Old School music rather than having a single song repeat constantly.

27-Jan-2018 01:32:53

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[Minigames and other]

In castle wars allow us to bring in our own buckets much like we can do with tinderboxes, it is annoying having to fight over buckets within the game.

[Minigames and other]

Have public chat in minigames be visible across the entire map, for each respective team (if teams), or for everyone if no teams.

[PvM/Skilling/PvP/Minigames and other]

This one will help in everything. Can we have an option to set "placeholders" in our inventories, much like in the bank, so when we are doing the same activities over and over, restocking becomes quicker. I suggest a right click option on current items to set/release placeholder.

For example, PvPers/PvMers like to have their inventories set up in the same order, so this would help them. I am sure some skillers could come up with a use for this also, nothing is coming to mind atm though.
My Suggestion:
Cross Minigame Discussion - waiting since December 26th 2013

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[Minigames and other]

Be able to use a set on the grand exchange clerk to unbox it instead of having to go into the menu for it similar to using a noted item on the banker.

27-Jan-2018 02:53:12

Z  O  R
Jul Member 2018

Z  O  R

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[Minigames and other] / [Skilling]

Remove the miniscule amount of strength experience obtained in the hunter skilling minigame "Puro Puro".

This was previously polled and barely didn't pass (73% in favor to remove) with improper wording, suggesting an introduction of togglable experience, a new notion to OSRS and not what was intended.

"Should a toggle option be added to allow players to opt out of receiving Strength XP when pushing through wheat on Puro-Puro? Pushing through the magical wheat found on Puro-Puro currently grants 2 Strength XP."

The intent was to remove it because it's a skilling minigame, not a combat one.

Thank you.

27-Jan-2018 03:21:12

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