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[Minigames and Other]

Ability to use enchanted jewelry with less charges on each other to "decant" them. Add an NPC at the grand exchange, or give an existing NPC or wizard type character the ability to "decant" your enchanted jewelry.


(Use) Games Necklace (2) - > Games Necklace (1) = Games Necklace (3)

(Decant) 10 noted Games Necklace (2) = 1 Games Necklace (8), 1 Games Necklace (2)

Any low level jewelry that hits 0 charges as a result of combining charges will be destroyed.

Any higher level jewelry that already is not destroyed after hitting 0 charges (Glory, wealth, etc) will leave you with the uncharged variants, along with the combined number of charges (maximum of 4 charges in a glory, since it's the normal variant)
………. ¸°ˆ ›,……¸• ¨¨°¸ …
¸*ˆˆ*+;„¸¸,.`-'´ ., ¸¸ .'…¸‹*ˆˆ*›. ,¸ ¸,.'

',¸ ……'., ¸ ,.¬ ˆ ˆ ¬.,¸ ¸,.·´ …
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27-Jan-2018 05:40:42

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Change Chinchompa interaction on PVP worlds to act like the wilderness.
Currently ones caught in pvp worlds but not in the wilderness just get released instead of dropping. It doesn't make sense to have different interactions when in PVP.

Change "Release" to "drop" on Chinchompas whilst in the wilderness
dont even poll that one tbh. clearly an integrity issue when people can just remove their wealth before dying in the wilderness.

Update the Abyssal Dagger
A poll to give it 4 specs instead of 2 failed by 0.3% in 2015, so there's clearly people who want some kind of update. Maybe remove its damage decrease from the special attack? or change it so that it gets 2 guaranteed rolls (minimum 8 - 8)? idk i'm sure you'd come up with something good.

Split Bounty Hunter targets into two sections: 1 - 15 and 16 - 56.
No one under 15 wilderness ever ventures out trying to find someone deep wild, and no one deep wild bothers going to fight the venge pkers at edgeville. Maybe offer bonus emblem upgrades for being deep wilderness?


Change Infernal Eel fishing spots to act as 3 independant pools, rather than one single one.
Sometimes clicking on a spot just as it's about to disappear runs you across the city, and sometimes the fishing spots just disappear from the pool (they all moved to the other two since they act like a single fishing area)

Give Infernal Eels 10 smithing xp for breaking them
similar to how sacred eels give cooking xp

27-Jan-2018 07:23:41



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Make satchels and flasks stackable in the bank. I'm not sure why the storage mechanism for these items had to be so complicated instead of simply giving each item 5-8 possible subitems (empty satchel, satchel with cake, satchel with banana, satchel with banana and cake, etc.) but as it is these items are pretty dead and useless. Old School Update Priority: Fix Broken Skills > Revitalize Dead Minigames > Everything Else

27-Jan-2018 09:32:42

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I think it would be quite an epic reward to have an NPC who can note dragon hides/bones in the Myth's Guild Dungeon. This could cost a certain amount of GP per item or be a free perk of such a high tier guild.

~My opinion ahead~
I honestly believe that with things like noted bars from Mith drags from slayer points and noted green drag drops from Wildy diaries it's not that far of a stretch to let a bank-noting guy be in an endgame area. It would be quite nice for people who want to AFK large dragon tasks and collect the supplies without banking every 13-14 kills too...


Put an arrow/rune dispenser in Castle Wars similar to Barbarian assault that gives some predesignated amount of each arrow/rune that corresponds to your level. (i.e. 99 mage you could get wrath runes and elemental, 99 range you could get dragon bolts, amethyst arrows, and dragon darts) I think this would be amazing because one of the reasons I don't play a lot of Castle Wars myself is because I like to range/mage in PvP and I hate using my range/mage supplies for something that doesn't have a lot of beneficial rewards to an endgame player like myself.

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Make it so that the xp tracker and the data orbs have separate options. This means I can have the XP tracker up, but not the data orbs.

Improve Dark beast slayer drop table

Concentrated gold ore mining method. Could be an interesting alternative to other methods. You could make it somewhat far from a bank. Should be around 100K xp/hr if you were to drop ores. (this could totally be done at arzenian mines)

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