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Easy Zezima

Easy Zezima

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I think a new level of prayers should be added for all combat styles ex: new melee / range / magic prayers that give more damage and accuracy boost along with a new special kind of food that requires the same defence level as the prayers to use to balance the damage output.
I also think the prayer book doesn't have much room left so maybe add in a quest or boss/ minigame that unlocks an "upgrade" to the current 3 highest level prayers that would increase damage and accuracy by an additional 10%-25%. Another prayer that could use a little buff in my opinion is the smite prayer for people with 99 prayer smiting eachother isn't easy, maybe an upgrade to smite changing the 1/4 prayer points drained up to 2/5?

I also think it might be a good idea to open a world like the tournament worlds to test the new prayers and let players get a feel for them to see if they would like them or not.

I remember back in 2008 or 2009 the turmoil prayer was added and this was an epic prayer I liked the increased damage output for this but I felt like was the soulsplit prayer was a little too much and changed the entire realm of pvp.

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Just because you wanna one shot everything with a bronze dagger doesn't make it any good for game integrity. Git gud nubnubs. L2PK nubnubs. Statuettes are here to stay nubnubs. Spite vote harder plz nubnubs.

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Lucd Clarity
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Lucd Clarity

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Kegs said:
True, the game does need some more prayers for that big missing gap between 77 & 99. Who ever disagrees is just poor and can't afford it.

Prayer ending at 77 is dumb, but it's fine if other combat skills end at 75?

Never SS, It obsoletizes all the protect prayers. Turmoil would be fine if it was hard enough to get, And at high levels smite could be upgraded, and maybe the protect froms into reflects.

It shouldn't be much of an upgrade, though-don't want it too OP.
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