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The Myth guild seems very overpowered with all the stuff around it and the unlimited teleports. I propose that it should be instead the Max guild for players with all 99s and the wrath altar should be moved. I also don't feel like a place with all the stuff proposed should be implemented and locked behind only a high tier quest. Making the guild into a max guild does a couple things that would not cause criticism among the community.
1. The bank would rival crafting guild bank and if it was locked behind max their shouldn't be any complaints. Since the cape offered would be basically a crafting cape with a few tick delay via steps.
2. Having close runite and adamant so close to a bank wouldn't be an issue.
3. The teleport room would be basically shortcuts to certain things such as for example legends being next to fairy ring. Wouldn't be to big of a problem with players who already have 99 magic and all spells unlocked
4. Fountain of Myth? Talk about OP. Regularly done via wilderness or lunar spell. But, this method requires no risk or cost.
5. Blue, red, black dragons close to a bank. Bones would be easier to obtain as well as dragonhide. This wouldn't be to much of a problem for people who already have 99.
6. Lastly, prayer recharge altar with unlimited teleport cape. Let's just put in a ornate pool while we're at it. Why would u do this? No need for this as low levels can just dungeon and kill dragons and then tele, restore prayer, back down. This just doesn't need to be needed in general unless people are maxed and have an ornate pool. I can see this being heavily used by pvpers with just a prayer altar next to a bank. May devalue prayer potions?

Bottom line, either this becomes max guild or just shouldn't be implemented.
I know I didn't include the anvil next to bank but varrock has it. It also makes a point that this area would be the osrs version of prif. Why ever leave this place if Lvl(100-120)? It has almost everything but a farming patch.

26-Sep-2017 15:26:05

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