Broken PvP mechanics

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Removing teleportation whilst in combat within the wildernes.
There are multiple answers to this. 1. Go above 30 wild. 2. Use teleblock.
Not sure how this mechanic is "broken." You chose to engage in a zone where teleports are available.

Obtaining a skull from attacking a player just as they teleport without doing any damage. ( Not even hitting a 0.)
If you don't want to skull do not attack other players. You're retroactively deciding it wasn't worth it to skull. You're asking for consequence to be removed from poor decision making AFTER you realize it was a bad plan.
If what you attacked can teleport away so can you. Just clan wars portal and you're back to being unskulled in a matter of seconds.
I'll give it to you though, while a waste of time to change this is actually somewhat "broken."
On the other hand you attacked someone who hasn't attacked you first, and you deserve the skull 100%.

Ability to box NPCs without the attacking player being able to override the NPC, which was possible with magic in Classic.
See you actually specified that you're an ATTACKING player. You've allowed enough time to get combat with another npc. If whoever you're attacking got a box ever you should consider it a failed kill. If they can box an npc they can box an alt/other player. You should attempt to control the situation enough to not create this problem for yourself in the first place.

Ladder & cave entrance abuse
This is a non-issue. The solution to this is to team up with someone and control both sides. Have a preset floor level. You have decided to limit yourself by not using basic tactics to achieve your goals. This is a problem with you and your strategy not the game itself.
"Walking is broken! I can't have my shoe laces tied together and walk!"

Every single thing you have mentioned is a problem with your strategy and decison making.

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Which is almost 75% of The Wilderness.... O_o Stop.

Made up number. You've only addressed one of two alternatives and ignored the other. Sure let's say your made up number is accurate, the point still stands. You're calling the game broken over your own lack of planning. An alternative exist which already solves the issue you created for yourself so this is irrelevant.
This is called "deflecting" you've changed direction into something irrelevant to draw attention away from the point at hand. It isn't a counter argument.
As for "stop" you're basically just sticking in your ears and yelling SHUT UP. Absolutely pathetic.

& I deserve my hit then.

& do remember in Classic, a player couldn't teleport whilst in combat.
Ok sure, but considering you're just now skulling the fight has likely just started and they likely won't die anyways. You've responded by changing your request entirely. Asking to not skull when attacking someone who teleported on the same tick is a different request than letting the attack load after/during teleportation.
Sure it was like that in classic, but you have no point beyond that. Why does it being like that in classic matter? Rs classic is not the pinnacle of game design. You've just brought up a bit of random information with zero explenation why it's relevant or not.

That same player can turn off auto-retaliate, & then let a NPC attack you. So then it interrupts the PvP combat.
Literally what? You could just attack the npc twice without it's aggressiveness changing and potentially attack the same player. What you just said was "the player could choose to put themselves in a less protected state." Which sure, I've seen it happen before. I'm not sure why you've mentioned people failing to box properly. That actually helps the pker(s) in that situation. It's one step off just stopping the boxing entirely. You have no point, and just created a situation where the person being chased basically commits suicide. LMAO WHAT?


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& yet once again, in Classic, Magic offered the ability to cast it whilst in combat.
It wasn't an issue then.
Once again, what does that have to do with anything? Are you implying classic is how this game should be? No one knows why it being like this in classic matters. Why do you keep bringing this up? It's not an issue if you don't literally stop attacking people long enough for them to box something.

Yet it was an issue that was addressed in D.M.M with a simple delay after the first entry.
It's a different game mode, and you're not even replying to the point that an alternative does exist. It's only an issue if you have chosen to limit yourself and refuse to use basic strategy. In fact it's not an issue by definition, it's your problem that you created with your own refusal to use a obvious solution.

I'm surprised you felt the need to put "stop" and "wanna go some more" when you didn't have one functioning argument. (Note I agree the skull on teleporting thing could go either of many directions) You have zero capacity to argue, and only presented deflection and random information with no explenation expecting the reader to jump to conclusions for you.
Not surprising, this entire thread is about your own problems you've created with your inability to pause for a moment and think things out.

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