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Support! Seems interesting that the RSOF is dying yet the subreddits are thriving... *players against biased moderation crew* Off-topic comments are not against the rules! Reporting rule breakers is not always acceptable!

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Thank you for your support fellow excellent RS forumer! How about returning the Stronghold of Player Safety that requires you to sacrifice a fired cape to get in and you fight 3 buffed variants of the Stronghold of Security boss simultaneously?

23-Sep-2018 15:21:51

Fierce KO

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....if this idea would be converted to a serious idea.


Jed looks like a player character wearing obsidian armor and using obsidian weapons. (to make that reference with Jad). Jed attacks with magic, mellee and ranged. Magic attacks Jed uses are fire surge, entangles. Range and mellee speak for themselves.

Jed also has helpers. In total there are about 10 helpers. Some will TB you, some will barrage etc. They will use regular pvp armor. Just mystics, rune, black dh etc, dscim, ancient mace, d spear etc.

Jed can pickpocket you for your items. All your items can be pickpocketet but if you kill Jed, your items will be returned. If Jed pickpockets one of your armor or weapons it will wear that if it is better than his current armor. Jed always tries to come close to pickpocket you. (if you try to be a smartass and drop your +1, some of his helpers will take it. If you kill that helper your item will be a drop)

One of the mage spells confuses you like dspear attack (to simulate some sort of disconnection). If this happens few of his helpers try to ancient mace spec you, eventually with a dscim spec. They won't go away unless you kill them.

Furthermore Jed asks you throughout the game some of your personal details and security questions. You have to answer them fast the correct way you learned in the stronghold of security. If you answer in favor of Jed he will heal a bit, if you answer as learned he will lose a bit hp.

Jed does not use protection prayers but does try to smite you. His helpers will also try to smite you, but some will also use prayer flicking)

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You know, I really like that last part. It makes sure people know basic measures for keeping their accounts secure. Also, update the questions a bit. The questions and answers they have now are severely outdated. They need to include information about phishing links and modern scammers wanting you to try to antiscam and all that.

24-Sep-2018 16:23:57

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