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Dds striker
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Dds striker

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Looting bag
:Ability to bind looting bag at bounty hunter store 1m points
:Looting bag acts as a protect item, protects 1 expensive item or stack cannot be used in combat, or 10 seconds after combat
:ability to toggle off amounts to automatically store all.
:left click looting bag changed to store, next item clicked will be stored, right click to check.

: Barrage freeze reduces after each freeze
- first 20
- second 15
- following 10 seconds
Barrage freeze resets after 10 seconds of no barrage.
: Range reduced to same as arma crossbow

: when cannon is set up, if you leave the area for 10mins in wilderness the cannon will turn red and can be picked up by any one around.

13-Feb-2018 09:06:50

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These all seem to be centered around helping you not die. Except for the cannon. I don't think many people would bring a cannon if it was extremely easy to die for it. Pkers are probably better off taking the cannonballs they could potentially take from pvmers than just having no cannons in the wildy.

13-Feb-2018 16:54:49

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