Pet Pre-Insurance.

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All you have to do is run 6 seconds east to obilisk and teleport to safety as soon as the obilisk teleports you. If anything you could just log as soon as u see a white dot.

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You're not necessarily wrong, but wouldn't you then agree that a little added peace of mind isn't so bad?

To my knowledge pets hold no value beyond personal satisfaction and enjoyment. Although I can understand the effect this would have on some players who feel they're own personal accomplishments in getting a pet would be diminished somewhat given the lack of risk involved should 'pre-insurance' become a thing - - even still, pets shouldn't be something to worry about once you find one. I've seen or heard of dozens of people lose theirs by accident or due to PKers before getting to safety, it happens and it.. sucks.

Anyways, I can definitely understand those with reservations towards this, I'd only ask that they consider what it would feel like to search for a pet, spending weeks (or longer?) and possibly millions and then.. losing it. It happens and maybe it doesn't have to. Not everyone is super lucky or carefree and video game or not, people can invest a lot of themselves into this place. Besides, gold sink aside, I do feel this would cause more players to risk more against Wilderness Bosses if they knew the the pet would be safe on drop - and isn't that better for Player Killers?

Cough. Kay movie time gtg bye! Thanks for the feedback all the same though. :E

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i can see why this is requested and why you have made this thread on this and the only thing i can think of is: "the chance of loosing the pet before getting somewhere safe is what make's wildy pet's that much more worthwhile to boast compared to the other's" because there that much more harder to have. and the wilderness has always been a place of danger and great reward's for coming out alive with what you have gained. with that being said i would have to say no support i think the pet-insurance is good where it stand's and make's the most sense it's like if you where to do the same IRL of what you are requesting the establishment would all look at you like you are nuts because: 1.)you dont even have the pet 2.) because it's not present and because there is no present info on the "non-existing" pet's health/age there's no determining how long the pet will live, what kind of visit's it will need shortly exc. they look for all of that to determine what the monthly payment's would be for the insurance.

as like on here. you "pre-pet insure" for the chaos elemental and nearly a year goes by, you done gave up on getting it because you are still getting group pked while trying to farm it and you have now wasted your money insuring "the pet you never got". possibly causing issues of miss-clicking the correct pet on the action screen for the sequence exc.

ive gave my concern's and reason's and sorry i do not support, but i will also say that's only me. you might get the rest of the community to like the idea =) im just one fish in this ocean of RS player's haha

25-Jan-2018 03:28:30

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echo_bound said:

It's risk either way.

1. You go to wilderness without "pet pre-insure" and try your luck at a pet. Say you manage to get the pet, there's that risk of getting pk'ed and lose your pet.


2. You "pre-insured" your pet by paying a sum of money for the benefit of keeping your pet after earning it at the wilderness. Say, for whatever reason, you gave up on getting the pet or stopped trying to. The money that was lost is also a risk that people took when they paid for the benefit. You could end up not using it (with no refunds, money down the drain) if it is not utilized.

The more noticable difference between the 2 is that No.2 encourages people to pay for such benefit (money sink) and also to risk venturing to the wilderness to hunt for pets. Perhaps the difference is not major but there will certainly be a difference in behavior among aspiring or current pet hunter in terms of risk taking in the wilderness if this were to actually come out. Indirectly, this proposal can be considered as one small part of wilderness rejuvenation.

Just my $0.02.

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^Ohai Hershel!


Appreciate you being polite even though we're in disagreement. ^^ Yeah, I can definitely understand those who'd be against this. I guess regarding one of your main points, my thinking is that this isn't real life and as a result it's not necessary to restrict anything to what may be the 'norm' out in the real world. I understand the analogy, but it's not really applicable in the virtual world in my opinion.

As for the bit about being pk'd numerous times, that's another main reason for the suggestion. You can do everything right and still fail in the end if you're unlucky - and it does happen, maybe not often, but often enough. I wouldn't see it as money wasted in the event of a dry streak, but an investment into your future. :D? Well anyway, not sure what you mean about the misclick bit, but I thank you for the feedback all the same.

30-Jan-2018 01:44:36

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No support. It devalues my ability to tank and run away from pkers when I get a pet drop.

Edit: maybe if the fees to pre-insure and then get your pet back were very large (10x to 100x normal fee).
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