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insaneDemNS said:
Funny you mention that. The one wandering around Varrock. The one with fleas. I think that dog deserves better. Like a .. DOG QUEST. For Avid, maybe. Or perhaps not. :l Woof woof.

Me r nawt a dawg purzun.

Aye lyke snaykz...

...but yes, since I'm boycotting pet updates until we get a new quest, this would be sufficient =)
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15-Jun-2015 11:26:33

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I hope this section receives love from the J-Mods, because I've received....scary rumours(or maybe based on personal observation as well) that this section is kinda like the second son they never love.

Nevertheless, the fight must continue.


16-Jun-2015 05:56:32

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